Tue Dec 25 10:47:15 GMT 2012

Hostname NAT DNS resolution

Well now, I just got a new router (an ASUS N55U if you're interested...) and I was wondering why unlike my old Belkin the router was having trouble getting hostnames from the clients on my network, Windows sadly worked, but then so did Fedora (F17). This meant there was an issue with my Gentoo boxes...
I have Avahi zeroconf networking installed, so I expected all of that sort of stuff to be taken care of; apparently I don't understand what the Ahahid does...
$ emerge -pv avahi

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating dependencies... done!
[ebuild   R    ] net-dns/avahi-0.6.30-r3  USE="autoipd dbus gdbm gtk introspection ipv6 mdnsresponder-compat mono python -bookmarks -doc -gtk3 -howl-compat -qt4 {-test} -utils" 0 kB

Total: 1 package (1 reinstall), Size of downloads: 0 kB
Nothing in there suggests that I'm missing any functionality, so on to further searches...
The computers all get their IP over DHCP from dhcpcd, luckily this problem has been encountered by others and a simple addition of "-h <HOSTNAME>" to the /etc/conf.d/net file in the dhcpcd options will propagate your hostname to the router:

dhcpcd_eth0="-h morrigan"
obviously you'll need an entry per network device :) -----

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